Day: May 5, 2015

How to Roast your own Coffee

So far, coffee must have become a part of your essence. In fact, it would not be surprising if you said that coffee is the love of your life for that is something imminent. One among the many fascinating aspects of coffee is that you can actually take matters in your own hands; which implies that you can carry out almost every step involved in making your perfect cup, at your home. In this guide, we will tell the method for roasting your own coffee using a coffee brewer, say from Keurig. Speaking of which, you should check out Solid Gold Eats’s Keurig k250 Coffee Maker review. Roasting forms an important part of coffee brewing.

An ideal roast can only result in an ideal cup. Thus, the process is intricate. But we would look to simplify it with this guide. Let us go then. 

The things you would need: 

Here is a small list of things you would be in need of: 

  • Your coffee beans
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  • A grill to roast, preferably gas grill 
  • A popcorn popper 
  • A small baking sheet 

Take care that, save the grill and beans, you do not use these items for any other process that is not linked to coffee after this process. 

Now with the process of roasting: 

This process is pretty much meticulous so you may need to take utmost care that you do not budge from the steps listed below: 

  • Move to the side burner and allow it to preheat for 10 minutes roughly. It is pertinent to know that the amount of heat required for this is enormous. Thus, the hotter the burner gets, the better would be the results. If you wish to keep a check on the heat, you can bring in a thermometer. 
  • Pour your coffee beans into the burner and begin to stir them immediately. Be continuous with this process of stirring as you cannot afford to get an improper roast. 
  • Few minutes into this and you will start to witness certain changes. The color of your beans would change to yellow and vapors would begin to be emanated from the burner. Also, the beans would begin to bloat. The smell you witness at this point would be far from coffee. 
  • Soon, you would be hearing cracking sounds. This is accompanied with another change in color as the beans move from yellow to brown. We recommend that you must not consider stopping here. 
  • Wait until you encounter another wave of cracking sounds. The brown color now deepens. You are advised to wait no more than 30 seconds after this happens. This is to ensure that burning of beans does not occur as that experience would be rather unpleasant. 
  • This process is actually different for everyone and you learn with a time horizon. 
  • After having removed the beans from the burner, chuck them on the baking sheet. 
  • Allow the beans a time of 30 minutes at the least to cool down. 
  • After that, you would end up with a near perfect roast. 

Hence, you can roast your own coffee at home with the help of this simple guide. Happy roasting!