Wow, I completely missed DCC’s birthday by one whole month! But nope, my first post (shudders in embarrassment) was October 2014. This forgetfulness is kind of reflective in my whole approach to the blog these days…I’ll admit that I’ve been much more in to quality over quantity (or so I’ve been telling myself). And since working with Nutshell Nutrition I have been much less focused on food in general, which has been a blessing although which means less time thinking about food stuff for the blog. And refreshing fivethirtyeight with tomorrow’s election has taken up a lot of mental energy too….

My gosh how much has changed this past year – I’m single again! I’m in an amazing apartment. I started a new job and stopped traveling! I’ve finally in recovery from disordered eating (more on that later). And next month I turn 27 and the way things have been going up…I can only imagine it’s going to be one of my best years yet.