Black & Decker Handheld Vacuums – Best Brand? 

Handheld vacuums have been a revolution in the cleaning industry. They have brought to us the best of technology combined with cleanliness in a single package. With the emergence of handheld vacuuming, many brands have come up with the technology and offer a variety of features that set them apart from the other. One such brand is Black & Decker. Black & Decker has emerged as a promising brand and has been prevalent in the market for pretty long now. While many people go for it without much doubt, it is pertinent to know what this brand is all about. So, this guide is here. It would not be wrong to say that products speak for a brand, so we are going to view Black & Decker with emphasis on its product, Dustbuster. Dustbuster can be termed as a signature product. Here we go. 

About Black & Decker’s support: 

The brand seems to have not touched upon much on the aspect of feedback to its customers. The support section on their website does not seem to be supportive enough. They do have on offer a service helpline but you literally have to scramble for it on the website. The FAQs section is well organized though. Also, the company offer a warranty period of 2 years which looks promising. 

The irritating noise levels: 

The product we are emphasizing on in this write-up, Dustbuster, has staggering volume levels at 91.7 deciBels. However, this noise does not produce enough vibration to disturb you while you work with it.  

The utility: 

Black & Decker has provided the Dustbuster with an indicator that informs you when you should be emptying the bag. This feature comes in handy and it is pretty convenient to remove the bag and then to fit it back; there is hardly any hassle involved. Moreover, the model boasts of a cyclonic motor which prevents lump formation. 

Battery is a concern: 

On a full charge, it is able to go on for about 19 minutes. In comparison to its adversaries, it is a lot of backup, probably one of the best. The disappointment is that it takes 24 hours to charge fully which is annoying at best. 

The design is somewhat weird: 

Black & Decker’s Dustbuster has a design different from many in the market. It has a significantly longer nozzle which implies that suction lacks strength. This is evident when the Dustbuster is used on hard surfaces. 

But the design is fitting in some places: 

The flattened nozzle on this Black & Decker has the capability of reaching some very difficult places. 

What’s good: 

This Black & Decker is powerful and light on weight. Also, the motor’s cyclonic action does not strain the filter much. Dustbuster is effective on large debris. 

Well, there are aspects that make Black & Decker stand apart from the rest of the lot. But then there are other aspects that also showcase the shortcomings in the product, as we build on the above discussion. The verdict remains highly subjective. Happy vacuuming! 

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