Lemon Law & Consumer Protection California

Lemon Law Attorneys in California

Attorneys in California that help consumers if they have a lemon car are called lemon law lawyers or attorneys. They can also be labeled lemon lawyers. So exactly what does this type of attorney do?

California lemon law lawyers assess the case merits of a consumer by collecting information, facts, documents and data. They look at everything to determine if the consumer has a case that is worthy of moving forward with.  Once the case is established, they will also go to court if needed (many cases re settled out of court) and litigate the case.

What is a lemon car?

A car deemed a lemon is typically on that has been into the shop repeated times for the same issue, without resolve. For instance, a car may have an oil leak that cannot seem to be corrected. After repeated attempts without the oil leak being fixed, the consumer may seek a lemon lawyer to see if they have a case.

Normally, the manufacturer or their representative (typically an authorized repair shop)  would be given adequate chances to resolve the issue. However, in some cases, the issue, problem or defect remains and the manufacturer or repair shop cannot seem to make amends. This is a good example of a lemon law case that a consumer may seek legal advice..

Does the vehicle need to be new?

Not necessarily. However, at some point there had to be a manufacturers warranty and if the issue began and was first “looked at” when it was within the warranty period, the case may have merit. The laws are so complex it is best to seek a legal professional that understands the California Lemon Laws. A qualified lemon law lawyer should be able to look at the documents and facts to give you advice.