Month: June 2015

Grilled Pork Chops – Hamilton Beach 25360 Recipes

Pork chops make for a great snack every now and then. It is easy to make and carries with it a lot of nutrition, enough to keep you going for days. Pork, in fact, is a source of great nutrition. As you know, when something is combined with grill, it yields heavenly flavours. And, Pork Chops is no different; combine it with the unparalleled flavours of grill and it comes out as a succulent recipe you have been dying for. This recipe has enough mouth watering content for all the foodies out there. So, here we bring to you Grilled Pork Chops to make your day better. Here we go. 

The time required and other details: 

This recipe is pretty easy to pull off on a grill, as mentioned earlier too. Thus, there is not much amount of time that would be required for cooking. A total cooking time of an hour and 15 minutes testifies that. Elaborating that, this recipe requires preparation for about 5 minutes and an inactive time of about an hour. The cooking time is roughly 10 minutes. You see, you do not need to put in efforts for more than 15 minutes. This much work would earn you delicious servings for 4 people. 

The ingredients required: 

There is a small list of poultry and groceries you need to keep ready before you can begin with the grilling process. That list is as below: 

  • Black pepper, freshly ground 
  • Some salt 
  • About 8 pork chops, half inch thick making about 3 ounces per piece 
  • Half a teaspoon of flakes of red pepper 
  • A teaspoon of ground cumin 
  • A tablespoon of apple flavoured cider vinegar 
  • 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 
  • A quarter cup of honey 

Once you are ready with these items, start readying your Hamilton Beach 25360. 

The cooking instructions: 

This recipe is easy to make. Still we recommend that you stick to the steps that follow so as to be as close as possible to perfection. 

  • Grab a little bowl and bring together pepper flakes, cumin, vinegar, oil and honey. Whisk them thoroughly. 
  • Season pepper and salt all over the pork chops and transfer to a plastic bag. Add the marinade made in the preceding step to it. 
  • Allow the bag to rest and marinate for about an hour. 
  • Now fire up the grill to medium heat. Transfer the pork chops to it from the plastic bag. 
  • Bring back your pepper and salt and sprinkle gently over the chops. 
  • Continue to grill for 4 minutes.  
  • Turn them over and allow to grill on the other side for about 3 more minutes. 
  • Now take them off the grill, garnish as desired and serve. 

Done! Your Grilled Pork Chops are ready to be relished. 

A recipe with this amount of nutrition and flavour should not be something you are waiting for. So, get up and get working. Happy grilling!